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Welcome to Appointed Mindz! Appointed Mindz is a faith-based Apparel and Accessories brand. Appointed Mindz was created to boldly spread the Word of God. The brands purpose is to inspire others to fulfill their God given purpose here on earth! No matter what you've been through or going through. You can still fulfill your destiny! 


The Signature of Appointed Mindz is that on each item it is a bible reference in regards to what the saying says. Each collection has a message and story behind it. Check out our blog/vlog (coming soon)


Meet the Owner

Rhonda's journey towards Appointed Mindz started when Rhonda lost her grandmother at the age of 19. Rhonda was very close to her grandmother and her loss of her physical presence and guidance was difficult to bear. During that time, she was thrown a harsh, lesson about life and finding her own way. One night, she came across a sermon by a Pastor on T.V which she then felt Gods presence surround her. Rhonda gave her life to Christ at the age of 21 and years after having her first child, God sent Rhonda a vision to start a Christian clothing line to spread his word around the word which eventually became the launch of Appointed Mindz in 2018. But even with her new business venture, Rhonda feels God is only getting started with her and his ultimate purpose for her life has yet to be revealed. She plans to carry her brand around the world and embark on missionary trips.  


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